Lhakar Poem

Lhakar is a Tibetan resistance movement that started in Tibet, where people are making a conscious decision to define who they are as Tibetan. That in turn manifests into an unlimited number of actions that people initiate and take part in.

Writing is one of most powerful ways to let others know your thoughts and writing in Tibetan is a double edge swords in resisting suppression and promoting Tibetan language. Tibetans have been using digital tools to express their thoughts in writing. Here is one from inside Tibet posted on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) on a Wednesday few weeks ago.


Tibetan script, Tibetan Language and Tibetan people are Tibet’s blood.
Tibetan home, Tibetan friends, and Tibet’s soil are Tibet’s land.
Tibetan food, Tibetan Tsampa, and Tibetan Chupa are Tibet’s Flavor.
Love for Tibet, passion for Tibet and thinking about Tibet are all for Tibet.

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