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For over six-decades China has occupied Tibet. In recent years widespread popular protests have erupted across the Tibetan plateau and China has flooded Tibet with armed troops virtually sealing it off from the world. In spite of this military stranglehold a new generation of Tibetans has embraced nonviolent resistance tactics that defy Beijing’s authority, strengthen Tibetan identity, and inspire hope.

I love Tibet is a celebration of the Tibetan Cultural Resistance; Tibetans in Tibet and in exile are reasserting their cultural identity and amplifying the voices of courageous singers, writers and bloggers who are devoting their work to the enduring spirit of Tibetan resistance. Please explore I love Tibet and find out more about the rich culture of Tibet.

Lhakar Blog:
Lhakar is a grassroots tactic being used to channel the spirit of resistance into social, cultural and economic activities inside Tibet
i love tibet blogRegular insightful features by guest bloggers
KNOW Losar

I love Losar

[Tibetan New Year] information featuring a special YouTube video channel
Simply Tibetan, Simply Delicious

I love Tibetan food

A food blog with a collection of favorite Tibetan recipes.
Cultural Resistance:
Ensure Tibetan Voices are Amplified

Cultural resistance: your messages and videos
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May You Live Long
A simple, powerful tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama from Tibet