Tibetan Food

Simply Tibetan, Simply Delicious is a food blog with a collection of favorite Tibetan recipes. Food is an integral part of your day and each time you eat Tibetan, you bring a sense of Tibet to your day.

The site is dedicated to help bring a taste of Tibet to kitchens everywhere, especially those that belong to young Tibetans.  As the blogger writes “Unfortunately, like everything else, I think our cuisine too, has suffered in exile  and many have never had the chance to taste much more than the basic thukpa, momo and shamdey.  But we have much more than that and there are fewer and fewer who know how to make them well.  I want to try and find these recipes and bring them to you,  so you too, can make them and relish some real authentic Tibetan flavors.”

Simply Tibetan, Simply Delicioustsampa, momo, lephing and more!

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